Black Ice Trailer

XSite Studios was 2nd unit on this feature.
27th Feb 18

Midnight Memory from 101 Exit

XSite Contributed with equipment for the car scenes using our Spyder Car Rig and...
5th Dec 17

Jewelry Photo Shoot

Photoshoot for divanovastore.com  
29th Sep 17

BTS From “Scanner”

XSite Studios provided equipment and on-set support for the upcoming film, “Scanner”, Directed by...
29th Aug 17

BTS from “The Art of Satisfaction” (Wrap Day)

Wrapped Today on our latest short film, “The Art of Satisfaction” Written and Directed...
11th Jul 17

The Last Day

DP: Devin Dilmore AP: Mike Austin AT: Holly Wingler
26th Jun 17

Film Noir Shoot

View Unsung Cigarette on Vimeo
2nd Jun 17

BTS from the Upcoming Short Film, “The Trusted”

Photography by Rocky Oliver, Kevin Fichman, and Brian Crow
9th Dec 16

New Album for 1AD7 now in iTunes

New Album “Chalk Outline” by 1AD7 Now in iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/chalk-outline/id1181807437 Mixed and Mastered...
8th Dec 16

The Rabbit Hole Promo Video

11th Oct 16

MUA Photoshoot

Makeup and Hair by Amanda Rodriguez – Photography by Mike Austin
27th Jul 16

Studio G Now Available

We’ve introduced a new sound re-enforced studio with Chroma option.
8th Jun 16

Simi Valley Sound Recording

XSite was on site to offer our experience and equipment for another project.
8th Jun 16

Shooting House for Reserve

On location for Audio and Dialog Capture.
8th Jun 16

Interior/Exterior Shoot

On location with The Pipeline with gear, crew and staff.
8th Jun 16

On the Dam

XSite goes off-grid and battery operated with our Dam shoot.
8th Jun 16

Studio City Bar Shoot

The bar remained open while we snuck in with our gear and crew and...
8th Jun 16

Studio Shoot

On hand with our gear, crew, and production partners shooting for The Pipeline.  
8th Jun 16

48 Hour Film Festival

XSite was on hand with Gear, Crew, and a day at the Mausoleum.  
8th Jun 16

Grammy After Party

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbdGOFOzeU8 XSite Studios was on staff to capture the event.
18th Feb 16

On Location Production ( Bar )

XSite was on-site for audio recording and dialog capture.
8th Feb 16

1AD7 Album Released

We completed the 1AD7 album and it has been released publicly. We were brought...
21st Oct 15

The Carnival Truck

XSite Studios and XMLA are the official Design & Photography Team of The Carnival...
19th Sep 15

BTS, Gear Rental, Production Support, Crew

Taken at Roy Rogers Ranch The Pipeline Movie – Photos by Kevin Hicks
19th Aug 15

The Wristwatch Premiere

July 31 · · Taken at The Downtown Independent Located at The Downtown Independent...
31st Jul 15